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Guild rules

Post by EgzO on Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:09 pm

1.  General behaviour

- You should not be rude to your guildmates. This includes insulting them, ignoring their questions or anything similar
- You must not be judgemental or aggressive! Keep your religious, political or racial opinion
 to yourself or it will be sanctioned (if hateful)
- Follow common sense when engaging in discussions with your guildies and argue each
 claim if needed (e.g. advising on a specific gear part)
- Respect all other players as well as your guild members. The guild will gain respect
  behaving nicely as a whole, rather than being aggressive. This also means that you
  should not expect the guildmates to pop in and help you in your fights, just because you
 chose to PK / KS a certain player in a certain guild.
- GMs will discuss all complaints he receives with the person responsible and
  decide the sanction based on severity.

2.  Dungeons and looting

- New members will not be party leaders (to minimize the possibility of scams)
- Guild price discount is 20 % / Party discount is 40%,  if you're in a 7 man party you will
  calculate the price / 7
- Discount for duo dungeoning is 50% and for trio 30%
- If 2 or more people need the item that got dropped, there will be a loot and the winner can
 buy the item.

IMPORTANT! :  When you are selling an item, post it here on our Forum at the WTS Topic. If nobody replies in 2 days, you are allowed to sell it outside the Guild.

3. Crafters

- If you want something crafted by a guild's Crafter you have to provide him with all
 materials needed and the crafted item will be for free. But if you decide to sell it,  the
 Crafter gets 15% of the obtained alz.

4. Communication

- Mediocre English skills (reading + writing) are a must. We are an international guild which
 uses English as a main and ONLY language.  
- Guild chat will always contain English or jokes based on foreign language (like pendejo,
 scheiße, dios mio, cyka or sth similar)
- If you are available for Skype you should use it because it is easier to run
  dungeons and it makes it more fun. Also, you will learn more about your guildmates.

5. Forum Activity

- Many updates will be posted on this forum which means you should check it now and then

6. Battlegrounds

- It's less stressful and more fun to play with your guildmates but it is up to you and what
  you want and choose.

7. Guild Channel


8. Alt Characters

- Guild members can add their alt characters if they are playing it as active. This is limited
  to only 1 extra character. If you are inactive with an alt, please leave the guild with it.
   Write your main character's name as a character message in-game.

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